Sea Life Surveys have been taking photographs of minke whales in the coastal waters of the Isle of Mull, Scotland since 1992. 

The aim of the photo-identification project is to identify individual whales by their scars, nicks and pigmentation so that a catalogue of local whales can be established. We can then use this catalogue to determine  how often these whales visit the study area, how long they stay during the summer and to monitor the local population for signs of entanglement in marine debris. 

You can see 53 of these minke whales and the details of their sightings in our  Online Minke Whale Catalogue. We hope that this encourages other groups photographing minke whales to join in with Project Minke. Our catalogue has been submitted to Europhlukes - a project aiming to link up all catalogues in Europe. 

Click here for Online Minke Whale Catalogue

Photographs have been taken by Richard and Brennen Fairbairns (who own Sea Life Surveys) and all those people that have worked onboard their vessel, Alpha Beta. Catalogue compilation and analysis have been carried out by Alison Gill with the support of the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust who now look after the project and hold the catalogues. 

Support funds for this project were  received from the following organisations:

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